What is Slacklining and their types?

is one of the dangerous sports, because you walk in the rope all you need to do is balance activity which involves exercises. 한국야동 Slacklining improves postural control and enhances functional knee joint stability which is induced from enhanced preparatory muscle

Slacklining is a sport and art that can be a balance training, recreation, and a moving meditation. Its origin has most commonly been attributed to the rock climbing community always maintaining your concentration, fitness, core strength and balance skills.

Types of Slacklining

Highline - Despite the extreme appearance, highlining has a strong safety record and the community does a great job of self regulating in terms of safety and promoting Leave No Trace ethics. While the media sometimes describes high liners as thrill seekers, it is actually quite the opposite. Highlining requires a very calm approach and a focus on self control.

Waterline - A slackline that goes over a body of water is called a waterline. These are especially tempting in summer. It is important that the water is deep enough all the way along the line, so that a fall cannot occur into shallow water. Walking on a waterline is significantly more difficult than on a normal slackline, as water moves and confuses the eye.

Trick Line - This is a combination of acrobatics, gymnastics and slacklining. Trick Liners bounce, flip, spin and bounce.

Rodeo Line - The rodeo line is anchored higher and just hung there so that it sags almost all the way to the ground. These lines are walked differently, as it is not possible to walk from one end to the other. People tend to stay in the middle of the webbing, swing from side to side and practice acrobatics. They are very suitable for training and shows and similar to slack ropes used in circuses.

Yoga Line - These slackliners practice some yoga, which common poses are the yoga.

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